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Make money with WHAFF Rewards - Android Apps on Google Play

Do you want make a money from your android ? More Cash, More Offers, Do you need to buy Gems and Coins for your favorite games right now? Are you running out of pocket money for online shopping? Try WHAFF,the Best Rewards from WHAFF !!!!

Whaff is money making application. There a lot of tasks that can be done by all whaff user and whaff will give rewards to their user who has done the task. This Application only suitable in android operation system, and it is not for iPhone or Windows phone user. If You want to earn using this application, you can download WHAFF from Google Play store. Click here to Download Whaff the money machine ;-) ...

After you download WHAFF from google play store and installed it on your Android device, open and log in to WHAFF. You can uses your Facebook ID and password, (Your personal information will remain secret and saved).

After successful login, you will be prompt to insert the invitation code. Please use this code AH71791 and you will get the welcome bonus.  If you do not use the WHAFF Invitation Code AH71791 your first balance still 0$, but if  use Code AH71791 you will get some amount of dollars into your balance and I will receive the same amount as you too.

Now you can start WHAFF Earning Premium Picks. You can do the task of Downloading the suggested applications, then run it, remember please do not uninstall the applications until the mission end and you will get the rewards.

Run the Applications through WHAFF daily and get the money. You also can invite your Facebook friends to earn $0.01 for one friend, to try WHAFF the money machines.

To earn money with WHAFF picks, you can find a lot of tasks you can do to earn more money. WHAFF Lucky Picks You can get lucky rewards if you luck by participating here.

Please install WHAFF locker for earn $0.010  daily rewards. After installation you just swipe the ads on lockscreen to unlock your earn.. ;-)

There is no more offer to get your rewards? No worries just cheked your attendance every day at WHAFF attandance and get rewards everyday...for $0.010 ....enjoy its.....!!!

Rate WHAFF in Google Play store and like their Facebook Fan Page through WHAFF Application to get rewards. When your balance reaches $10, you can exchange with Gift Cards like Google Play Gift Cards, PlayStation Store Gift Cards,A mazone Gift Card, Xbox Live Gift Card, Steam Gift card, Facebook GiftCard and many more like a luxury germ for COC..!!! Clash Of King..Money is King say's Najib ...... ;-)


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