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Farewell... i'll miss u....MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog will be the first widget that I installed when create a new blog. It also the first widget that display visitor picture on the widget. So you will know who visit your blog. Almost all my blog resgiter with MyBlogLog. it a beutiful widget to boost my blog future....

For anyone who has been using the MyBlogLog service from Yahoo!, you will surely get a message, in your mail box on the discontinue service of MyBlogLog starting May 24, 2011. ...Another featured that will no longer available is Yahoo! Local Featured Listings.

I love MyBlogLog because apart from the widget, you can also check the statistic of your visitor. The display is simple and easy to understand. One of the best known platforms of blogger community for efficient blog-tracking and social networking.

The exact reasons for pulling off this service are unknown but this seems to be a well thought of move from Yahoo! to recommend and redirect its MyBlogLog users to the uprising and new Yahoo! Pulse.

Yahoo! has suggested some steps to ensure that you save your account information and contacts that are important to you. Though somewhat laborious, following these steps becomes a must if you wanted to save your valuable info and stay in touch with your MyBlogLog contacts. Check out Yahoo! Help on How to Save Information from Your account?

Its really hard to see this great service go. I have been MyBlogLog member since Jun 2007. So long old friend ; (. Now more and more blogger turn to Facebook and twitter as their source of traffic and find bigger communities. What can I say, even my wife and son have Facebook account now.

I'll Miss U 4 Ever ...MyBlogLog..........Why have bread when you can have a salmon


Stanly said...

What they need is customer service excellence what a pity indeed

Jane Smith said...


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