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Tuesday Is Not a Scam survey site!

So I am happy to announce that after all, SurveyHead is indeed a legit survey site. It is not a scam and I have gotten paid. is another survey site that promises to award you for doing OTX surveys.

I've been a member of surveyhead for about a year. Next up I Managed to get up enough to cash out at 10 dollars they processed this pretty quickly changed from requested to confirmed and even managed to get the payment in paypal a couple days after that.

SurveyHead is definitely not a scam – I belong through one of their additional sites, EDU Research Group, and I really like them. Just be prepared to wait for your online money. BUT, it will come, just not in the 4 weeks they promise and don’t expect an email response, you won’t get one. (At least I never have.

Yes they are slow to pay. Yes they do not respond to those types of questions or complaints. I also have some survey payments pending from several months ago. But, I have cashed out once for almost $10 and waiting for another cash out request to be confirmed for $31. So, you can make some online money if you’re patient and not in a big hurry.

I love SurveyHead. Never had any problems with them. Haven’t been signed up for too long. Got paid fairly quickly. Although, I’m not in a hurry anyways, so it wouldn’t matter if it took a few weeks, as long as I get paid. I definitely think people should just give it time with this site.


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