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Make money online with Ziddu

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make money online :Ziddu is a 100% Free File hosting solution provider. Only people knowing the exact download URL are able to download your file. Your file will be deleted when it has not been accessed for more than 90 days or you use your delete option.

Ziddu is free file hosting,but it has some differences with other free file hosting.They allow the members to make money from their uploads.When someone download your files ,you can get money.Even if you want not to make money with it ,use it as a free file hosting,it is high in speed when uploads and downloads.

Ziddu supply : * unlimited upload files. * 2. file size limit is 200 MB per file. * file is keep 90 day after the last download. * No countdown time and allow multiple downloads. * Ziddu offers free accounts for all members. No premium accounts. * If your files are photos, video clips or songs. They will show preview of your files and if someone click to enlarge your photos, play your video files or listen to your songs. You will get 1 download count. * Minimum payout is $10 per 10000 downloads. * Ziddu have email option that enable user to send download links to their friends. * have IP per file per day restriction so one person per download per day will get the download count.

When you reffer others to join Ziddu,you can also get $0.1. Ziddu will pay you with Paypal or MoneyBookers.You also will get $0.001 for each Unique download. And you can with draw when your earning reach $10. - make money online


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