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Qassia build my blog link...

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I had used Qassia a long time ago, when it had just launched into a private invite-only beta, and didn’t really think much of it because it had zero authority and pagerank. But now Qassia completely open to everyone and its has a strong PR5 homepage as well. That pretty much sums it up.... Write content and build a links.

Qassia is a completelly free site that basically allowes you to post information called (intel). This intel can be on anything you want to talk about. You are able to post new material, or use any of your own material. You may also post other people's material but you wont earn Qassia dollars which is the next thing. Qassia dollars are the currency that Qassia uses when you add intel either new or old. Also you can rate other people intel. Qassia is a great site for also bring traffic to your hubs or any blog.

It’s a place to share knowledge (something is you must screening its... ;-)) which will be credited (instead of edited) by the community. Each bit of “intel” that you add, will also backlink to your website. And the more credit you get, the higher you will rank in the Qassia web directory. So if you have a website, it could be a nice way to generate some link juice. Maybe you want to try

So here I will try to become more specific on the revenue system at Qassia.While Qassia´s primary way of rewarding content is with backlinks and exposure for users' websites, they also share advertising revenues with their users.

Probably one of the most important questions is, how much i can get from Qassia..? As far as I can tell there are various models out there. Some knowledge bases split net advertising income 40/60 in their favour, after deducting operating expenses such as server costs etc. At Qassia, you get no less than 100% of gross advertising revenue. That means we as users get ALL of it! Sound great?

At Qassia they don´t even get involved in the filthy business of touching money in the first place. The ad revenue goes straight from the advertising company to us!

So how does Qassia get its money vaults...? It's very simple....They run a Ads, when our user page or intel is displayed, the ads is running using your account number. That means you own the ad, and they don't even know how many times it gets clicked on or how much it generates. The revenue from your ads at Qassia will be right there, alongside your other ad revenue (if you also run ads on your own sites). When the time comes to get paid, The advertiser pays you directly.

The credit is measured in a currency we invented, called 'Qassia dollars'. Qassia dollars are not real dollars (that's why its call them Qassia dollars, not US dollars or Canadian dollars or whatever.....). Qassia dollars are a measurement how you strugle work with Qassia...The more you contribute to Qassia, the more Qassia dollars you get.The more you contribute to the site, the more Qassia dollars you earn so the more Qassia dollars you are worth, the better your websites will rank.

Pessst....Qassia dollars CANNOT be converted into real dollars. You CANNOT redeem Qassia dollars. Think of them as 'points'..... ;-)

Is you promoted Qassia and spread awareness of Qassia site. You Just put Qassia little badge on your site. Qassia will crawl your site, and each time Qassia find their promo logo on your site, Qassia will make your credit up and up, in your account. Its very interesting coz, the amount of Qassia dollars you get is Q$400 per crawl, if your link points to your profile page at Qassia ( Exp: ) but if you link it direct to Qassia front page site ( )....You earning is double to Q$800 ......


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