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Google Page Rank New Updated

Im, very shocking today I've founded Google have updated page rank status. See page rank in your web or your blog. Last time google update Page Rank was in 27 September 2008. It takes almost 3 month period.

It’s clear there has been another Google Page Rank Update over the last few days. The cut - off for the last pages to acquire Page Rank seems to be the last week in December 2007. I don’t normally agree a PR update is in progress until I see it on sites I monitor - and it is clearly visible. Google choose a last day of 2008 to update it. This is very intersting date.

Domain Age

From my investigation, domain age ia the main factor to influent page rank. Blog were built since more 1 years ago and still active will sure get at least PR 2 or PR 3!

Important of Page Rank

Once your blog or web get high page rank, you does not need work hard to seek further SEO ranking because have been assisted by high Page Rank. SEO ranking patern will change and also the world will change. May be Page Rank can be influence world economy rhythm or it played role to help restore its again.

I’m seeing new Google Pagerank scores for most of my websites, so it appears there’s been a Google Toolbar PR update in the last few hours.

I’d heard rumours in the web community of late, but now it seems to have hit these shores. Has your pagerank went up or down? It seems Google PR is no longer ‘that’ out of date…. For those have had increase Page Rank, congratulation!. Surely you will be smiling for all-day!


Muhammad Azli Shukri said...

ramai yang tak tahu pasai ini..

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