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My First Google Adsense Cheque

Google Adsense is one of the popular way of monetizing the blog. My first Google AdSense cheque finally arrived yesterday. More than enough to pay for my hosting for one year. I was able to make just $103.78. But, making money from a blog goes slowly and steadily.

The cheque doesn’t contain the big amount but it is my first cheque from Google and you must know that everything which comes first in your life is always precious and so this cheque is. Hope this might be a ladder for huge adsense cheque for me in future

Now, shall I frame it (my very first cheque from Google), or shall I cash it? ;-)

It took a very long time for us to cash the AdSense payments. For example, it took 2 weeks for the cheque to arrive from U.S.Recently, the local bank seems to be slower to process the U.S. cheques. It took bank for about 30 days to clear the cheques.


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