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Make Money online with Sponsoredreviews

Sponsored Reviews is a mighty big paid to post site.They have hundreds of advertisers listed to them. Some of the advertisers pay up to USD500 for favorable reviews of their sites. As sponsored review is a well established paid to review site, it is very difficult to get an entry here. Even if you blog is accepted in their system, there is no guarantee that you will start making money. You may have to wait for months for your first paid review. Sponsored reviews has hundreds of bloggers lined up.

How Sponsored Reviews works:

The system of working at Sponsored Reviews is different from Blogsvertise and Smorty. Here the all the available opportunities are shown on blogger's dashboard. A blogger has to bid on the opportunity and if selected, he has to complete the task within a week.

The Payment

Sponsored Reviews
pays the bloggers every two weeks, that's a fixed schedule, and they are very punctual. If you completed the review on 28th and the next pay out is on 30th, then you don't have to wait for 14 days, you will be paid on 30th.

How to Improve Your Chances of getting tasks at Sponsored Review:

Let me share my experience with you. One of my blogs (intechclan) fall in the range of USD10 to USD40,it means that I can set the price of reviews at this blog from 10 bucks to 40 bucks.

after that I chose the highest amount and waited for three months, nothing happened, I wrote to the support. They said, it is up to the advertisers to choose, whomsoever they want.

Right.Then I realized that the amount showing at my Sponsored Reviews blog page might be putting advertisers off. I slashed down the price, and within a week I got my first task at Sponsored Reviews.

The key

The key here is to bid at a reasonably low price. If the advertiser's range is USD10-USD200, don't go for USD200 straight away. First think about the PR, Traffic, Link popularity of your blog and then decide that for writing 200 words, how much you want.If you bid low, your chances of getting the project increase immensely. But do read all the requirements.

Once I applied for a project (at USD5) and didn't look at the word requirement. When the advertiser accepted my bid, then only I realized that I had to write a 400 words review for a mere USD3.75 ( Sponsored Reviews takes 35% commission).

Sponsored review not a scam, its proved when i already received a payment...!!! .

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