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Niche Marketing

You will hear over and over that the quickest way to find success on the net is "niche marketing". A niche market is a focused, targetable portion of a market sector. By seeking out smaller segments of larger markets, a blog can be developed and promoted quickly.

Example : If you choose "Insurance" as a keyword (Insurance = Big Market Sector), you can focus it to "Life Insurance" or "General Insurance" and maybe from "General Insurance" you can focus it to "Kurnia General Insurance". (Life Insurance or General Insurance or Kurnia General Insurance = Targetabel Portion)

The internet have many automated tools exist for searching and finding keyword phrases , indicating how profitable a particular niche is. It is wise to use your own judgment while determining what is a good niche and what is not. People have been indiscriminately using automated tools to fill a large part of Internet with low quality web pages. In some cases there may be many search engine results for a keyword phrase with high search popularity, but most of them may be poor or low quality sites created using automated tools.

Another reason for not depending too much on automated niche research is that it is possible to compete and succeed in niches that seem to have a lot of web page results. In some areas there may be a lot of web pages, but none of them may provide the right answer to the searcher.

Example : The Search Engine provide the Blog Animal as a search result, but all the topic of this blog just discuss about Food and beverages.


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