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The Most Clickable Keyword

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Do you know what keywords your potential visitor’s are entering when searching for the product or service you offer? What exactly are visitor searching for? It is important to know the exact keywords and phrases in order to optimize your web pages for maximum ranking. Visitor’s often start searching with broad results in mind. However as they get closer to making a decision, they narrow the results by adding more keyword to their search. The "long tail" in search can be anything from three words to as many as ten. It is of vital importance to establish a web presence that shows up when your potential visitor’s enters that longer keyword phrase in the box. This means that you most likely will need a detailed keyword analysis to find out what your visitors are really searching for with their keywords. To find the most clickable keyword you can find the free tool here:

Steps :

1) Type your keyword then click “arrow button”

2) Now your know how much your keyword clickable per month.


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