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How to make used twitter without being annoying

online explorer -Here's a couple quick tips for cleaning house on Twitter without being annoying like the kid that nobody wanted to sit next to on the school bus . . .

Tip #1.) Don't post links all the time : No one will follow you and the few who do follow you will quickly UN-FOLLOW you once they see how annoying you are with all of your spammy link posting.

Instead, post "what you're doing" type of tweets letting your followers know what you're up to...

Also post about any ongoing developments related to you & your business. Heck, post up something you might be pondering or considering.

Every now & then tastefully throw out a link to something cool & it will
be well accepted.

Tip #2.) Interact with other users, especially your followers : There's something on Twitter called an "@reply" and it's basically where you post a Tweet as a response or statement to another twitter user.

You can do this by including the @ symbol along with the Twitter username of the person of your choice anywhere in your tweet.

Interactions & communications with other users is what makes Twitter fun & unique.

I've noticed that when I go online for a couple minutes & see what everybody is talking about and toss out a few @replies I end up getting a bunch of new followers each time since it gives me a little extra exposure.

People love to read other people's conversations. So get on there and conversate with @replies.

Tip 3.) Edit your website & bio information to include a link : Part of the reason you found a targeting website was because you wanted to get some knowledges, maybe about making fast online money or traffic from Twitter, right?

Well here are two places you can post your links where they will get seen & clicked. Most everyone posts their link on the "website" field of their profile.

But, a lot of people overlook the fact that a clickable link can go in the bio section as well.

When talking about yourself in your bio throw in a short blurb about your site too and work a
link in there... - online explorer


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very usefull twitter tip. thanx

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