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Loss of Pagerank means loss your money

Most of my business comes from Google searches, so it's not good news that my site has just vanished from the results. It used to come out high in some searches, now it doesn't appear at all. It used to have a high PageRank too, now it has none.

Although I see some changes in PageRank on few blogs but surprisingly majorities were not affected. Sad enough I’m one of the minorities with the bad news. I have almost 30 blogs, But im lost PR for 4 blog (already generated very good money from pay per review). My Google PageRank drop from PR4 to PR0 its a bad news (im working hard for this high PR). This blog also loss their PR3 to zero....erggghhh

Loss of website Page Rank - down to PR0 from PR3 or PR4 doesn't necessarily mean a Google penalty has been issued, it can be caused by lost backlinks to your website or by discounted backlinks which have recently been devalued by Google as part of an algorithm update.

Even Google state that Page Rank value is somewhat cosmetic. To back this statement up, there are plenty of PR2 and PR3 websites which have recently lost Page Rank which still have better Google ranking than Page Rank 5 sites, sometimes due to the fact that they have better content relating to certain niche topics and more thematically revelant links, albeit on lower Page Rank pages.

But the fact is, if the website with PR rank low from PR2, is not work for generated money from Pay Per Review..... :-)


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