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Earn On The Side Blog Contest for May

Earn On The Side are starting a contest with the prizes below:

First prize is going to be your choice of:

  1. $30 via paypal
  2. A 125×125 Banner for your website on my website for the entire month of June
  3. A link on my blogroll for a minimum of 3 months (maybe more if I actually like your site!)
  4. 500 EntreCredits

Second place will get to choose between
  1. $10 via paypal
  2. A link on my blogroll for the month of June
  3. 100 Entrecredits
At the end of the month I will randomly select two winners to get their choice of prizes. If you don’t respond within 24 hours I will choose another name. Entering is simple!
  • 1 Entry for commenting on my site - any post and please something with a little substance
  • 5 Entries for becoming a Technorati fan (leave a comment with your user name so I know who you are)
  • 5 Entries for writing a review on Stumbleupon for one of my articles. Preferably not this one, but that would be ok too (mention the review in a comment).
  • 10 Entries for adding a link to this site on your blog
  • 15 Entries for blogging about this website or contest
Winners will be announced the first week June.


Grant said...

Nice site! Some great info here!

Thanks for mention.

Bunny B said...

Please put me for 5 entries. I've faved you on Technorati. ID: bunnybox9. Thanks.

Bunny B said...

Ooops. Sorry. Didn't really read that it's not you who's hosting :P My bad. Please delete my comments. Thanks!

Grant said...

No this is me. I got all your entries, 38 so far! Thanks for visiting Earn on The Side and entering the contest.

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