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MyShoppingGenie takes the market by surprise

What is a "Shopping Genie"? MyShoppingGenie (MSG) proprietary technology is evolutionizing the eBay shopping experience by conducting a web search using Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live, Aol or any major search engine to conduct a search, eBay's MyShoppingGenie "appears" and instantly displays the items that are available LIVE on one the world's most popular Internet destinations... eBay!.

Free software hooks into browser's search session and automatically locates bargains on eBay transparently. It's great and very convenient for people who buy and sell with eBay. Works in conjunction with eBay's affiliate program.

The shopper then clicks on their Genie and enjoys a streamlined shopping experience. And here's something of interest ... they are giving these Shopping Genies away for free.

The eBay affiliate program has paid an average over $1 million a year to each of it's top 50 partners and is considered the most innovative and successful affiliate program on the Web!

Business professionals and Entrepreneurs worldwide are taking note of this new technology as well as the income opportunity that can run passively in the background.

Keep an eye on the news as MyShoppingGenie takes the market by surprise.

To get your Free Shopping Genie go to : myshoppinggenie , You are going to love this!


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