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PayPerPlay (PPP) are launching

It is happy to know that PayPerPlay (PPP) are launching officially on 2/1/2008. The NetAudioAds will begin pushing live ads out to their audio ad distribution network.Unlike typical launches where everything opens at once, this launch will be different. According to PayPerPlay (PPP) site admin, the audio ads will NOT begin playing everywhere at the same time. This will be a slow, methodical ramp up until NaetAudioAds is playing ads to the complete network. May be this will take time… 30 - 60 days to get up to full speed.

All of this happened because NetAudioAds must protect their advertisers at all costs. They need to open the throttle slowly to ensure system integrity as things ramp up.

This launch plan shows the true comittment of this team to make a system that works, and is sustainable. NetAudioAds PayPerPlay (PPP) will go a long way with this work ethic.

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