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New... Pay-Per-Play (PPP)

As you read this sentence 2 more people have joined the movement...

This is a free opportunity for you or your company to share in billions of dollars of new found advertising revenue that was formerly reserved for major television networks.

NetAudioAds™ Pay-Per-Play (PPP) advertising is an advertising channel that is set to take the web by storm. Because of the size and scope of this deal (backed by one of the BIG 5 search engines), PPP advertising will become a world wide business media event.

PPP works on a bid management system similar to Google AdWords and will compensate publishers just like Google AdSense but with one critical difference…

PPP is a way for advertisers (Like Harley Davidson or Taco Bell) to serve a 5 second audio advertisement to website visitors. It is a way for advertisers to target their 5 second audio ad to specific interests, demographics and geographic locations.

NetAudioAds™ PPP is not new, it has been running for 2 ½ years, has over 66,000 advertisers and over 550,000 websites that serve PPP ads to their visitors.

The 550,000+ websites that currently serve these ads are responsible for up to 43 million streams (impressions) of advertisers' 5 second audio ads on a monthly basis.

PPP audio ads only play one time so web page visitors are not bombarded with a continuous stream of 5 second ads. In other words when a visitor enters a page with the PPP code inserted then that visitor will hear ONE 5 second audio ad and that's it. PPP NetAudioAds™ uses technology that crawls the readable content of any web page where the PPP code is inserted. As a result, PPP audio ads only serve ads that are related to the content of any web page where the PPP code is present.

As a website owner you have the opportunity to earn 25% of the "per-play" revenue spent by the advertisers that play audio ads on your website.

Not only will you earn a high percentage but you will earn this percentage on 100% of your website traffic that lands on a web page where you have inserted the PPP code.

All you have to do is copy and paste a simple piece of code onto the web pages where you want PPP ads to play a single 5 second audio advertisement to your visitors.

The other way you can earn is by simply referring other website owners, online marketing firms, fortune 500 companies, etc. to run PPP ads on their website(s). You will earn a healthy 5% of the total amount that our advertisers spend running ads on your referrals website(s).

Just to be clear... you are not earning 5% of what your direct referral earns (they earn 25%), you you earn 5% of what the advertiser spent to have their ad played on your direct referrals website.

And as a further incentive we have made it possible for you to earn an additional 5% from anyone that your direct referrals bring on board as if you directly referred them!

In summary you will earn:

  • 25% of what the advertiser spends on PPP ads you serve on your own website(s).
  • 5% of what the advertiser spends on PPP ads played on the website(s) of those you refer.
  • 5% of what the advertiser spends on PPP ads played on the website(s) that your direct referrals bring on board.

It costs nothing to join and it costs nothing for your referrals to join....

NetAudioAds™' PPP will be run on an automated bid management system like Google AdWords. Advertisers will go in and choose the types of sites that they want their ad played on and will then bid for placement. As in all bid management systems, the high bidder wins premium placement.

Bidding will begin on February 1st 2008, so our job (your job) is to get as many websites as possible to host the PPP code so that we can establish a footprint that will be verified by an independent 3rd party

Bidding will open up on February 1st and revenue will begin being generated on that same day. You will get your first check in March and payments will continue monthly thereafter.

The search engine is a trusted brand and will be ensuring all payments to our partners.

Imagine being able to turn back the hands of time and get the chance to be one of the early pioneers of dynamic marketing concepts such as those that developed the Google Adwords Program. Imagine being a part of that revenue stream...

For a limited time you have the opportunity to be part of this. Don’t miss it!

Time is of the essence...

Everyone knows that hindsight is 20/20...

Right here and now is a rare 20/20 foresight!

Don't lose out on referring your contact list, marketing partners, friends and associates to this report (encoded with your affiliate ID). If you don't get your contacts involved, then it is guaranteed that someone else will and you will lose out.

You deserve to earn 5% on your contacts... Don't let someone else take your piece of the pie...

Can AdSense ads go with PPP on the same page? Yes, you can place PPP audio ads on any page where other advertising already exists. As of this writing PPP ads do not violate the Google AdSense terms of service.

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