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The Blog Ping Technics

The blog ping was developed to allow bloggers to let blog indexing services know they have made a new post in their blog. There are many services that can be pinged, Technorati probably being the most famous and da' best of these.

How blog ping works

Usually your blog software can be configured to ping different services. To let your blogging software know about new sites to ping you need to supply it with the web address to ping. For example the Technorati addresss is :

The ping message will let the indexing service know that your blog has been updated. As a result your new post will be indexed by the service.

How will it increase my traffic?

As a result of pinging a blog indexing service your new post or a summary of it will be added to the database of the service that you have pinged. This usually means that an entry will be added to their recent pings page where a link to your post will appear. Some services also index a history of pinged data so searches with such a service will generate search traffic.

Why Technorati ?

  1. It is the one of the more important blog search engines.
  2. Many other sites and systems use data from Technorati as a factor in their own judgements, for example text-link-ads use technorati as one factor to determine whether they place their adverts on your blog.
  3. Technorati is integrated into Wordpress - as you login to the “back office” for your blog, you can see straightaway who has linked to you.
  4. Technorati tags are one of the more important “social bookmarking” systems.
  5. If you are starting a new blog, technorati will index your site quickly and deliver a small amount of traffic very quickly. With Google, for example, you will have to wait a number of months for the full results to arrive.


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