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Registered with adsense

Google adsense is the right way to generate money from the web with the easy way, by only display the relevant google ads on your website or blog.

joining google adsense as an adsense publisher is so simple, Just follow the standard procedure.

1. After 3 0r 4 post, submit your website or blog into google adsense.

2. Wait for their verification e-mail (usually take about 2-3 days for the news wheter you accepted as adsense publisher or not)

3. If approved, go to your adsense web for get the HTML code to be placed on your website or blog (just copy and paste it)

4. If you have non english web, please make sure that your website language is acceptable for adsense, if not you'll be rejected as adsense publisher.

google adsense take so lite time to set-up, and absolutely no cost.


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