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AdSense Optimization

Your google adsense ad unit positions are one of the most deciding factor on whether a user will click your google adsense ads. Google adsense realizes that placement of your google adsense ads is a very important factor of your potential earnings.

The google adsense ad formats with them you can customize exactly how long or big your google adsense ads should. This is good since some high paying positions may be too small or too big for certain ad formats, for example your navigation. And last but least the google adsense color palettes knowing which colors compliment or blend in with your content will increase your earnings exponentially. For example the fact that no matter how great a position, people are different it may attract some users and annoy others, just keep in mind the majority.
  • Ad Location - "the middle, above the fold location perform best." Also "if you have an article page with a long body of text, the bottom of that article is actually pretty successful" Google has a nice chart that shows the common layout and best locations for ad placement on a web page. The most darkess colour, will give your more adsense clicks.
  • Ad Formats - "the top three formats are the 336x280 that you see on the page; the 300x250 medium rectangle; and then the 160x600 wide skyscraper." Additionally "the wider ad formats are doing better than the other ones and the reason is that they actually take up fewer lines. And so with every additional line, you have a chance of losing that interested user." (Ads Format)
  • Ad Colours - Pick colors that blend well with the site. Matches the background color, and compliments the site. Make them feel like a part of the site. (Example)
  • Ad Blindness - if the colors stick out too much, readers may immediatly identify them as ads and not even look at them. Also frequent readers may stop reading ads so you could alternate positioning and colors to get their attention. "The more you blend in with the site, the less chance that ad blindness will occur." (Example)
  • Image Ads - If you want to maximize revenue they recommend turning them on. I personally disable them in my account, because I find them too distracting/annoying to the user. Yes you may increase your CPC, but you will probably decrease impressions over time.
  • Link Units - Don't take up much space, and also "allows the user to refine what they're interested in. So if they may not be interested in specific ads on your page, they might be interested in a particular topic, and by clicking on a link unit and a link in the link unit, they'll be able to specify that they're interested in that specific topic and get a lot more options and variety on the ads that might appear." duitonline,wang mudah, perigiduit


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