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Right Name For Your blog

Selecting the right name for your blog is important. The right name can mean the difference in a successful blog versus an unsuccessful blog. There are key elements in choosing a name for your blog :

1) Spelling

It is important to have a blog name that is easy to spell. If visitors are misspelling the name of the blog, the amount of traffic will decrease. People will not be able to find the blog if they cannot spell the blog name.

Purposely misspelling a word in a blog name can mean that users get confused and will have difficulty typing in the blog URL when trying to locate or visit the blog.

Make sure that the blog name does not have too many odd letters or a lot of numbers in the both the blog name and the blog address. Numbers and odd letter combinations are difficult for people to remember to re-visit the blog page on a regular basis.

Not everyone will bookmark the blog at the beginning. It will take several visits to the blog to decide if it is worthy enough to bookmark. The blog name and blog URL need to be short, easy to spell and without too many odd letters or numbers.

2) Topic Relation

Another key element to a blog name is the topic. A blog title should not just be the owner's name and the word blog. Because blog's need to have a name that is related to the topic, many times people need to write several blogs on different topics.

It is easier for visitors to remember the name of a blog if the subject or topic of the blog is in the name or title of the blog.

3) Remember Ability

It is easier to remember a blog name that is short, spelled correctly and related to the topic. The key is to have a blog title that people will remember. Bloggers want visitors telling others about the blog and the blog name. If the blog name is too long, people are going to forget the name in casual conversations.

4) Catchy

Focus should be on the ability of the blog's name to catch the eye. The blog name should draw readers to want to know more and thus visit the blog. If the name is too boring, readers will likely skip ever entering the blog to find out how terrific the writer is and how cool a topic is available for reading.

5) Search Engines

No matter how good the name is, no one will visit if they do not know the blog exists. It is important to have keywords in the blog name. If keywords do not fit the title for the blog, make the blog name short and easy to search. For example a blog about “money” would be found easier with "Emilia Money Blog" then "Emilia Blog making money".

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